Thursday, April 17, 2014

Los Santos Customs V1.1


 You need .Net scripthook and asi loader to run this script . Just simply put and carupgradeimages folder in scripts folder.And ofcourse you can put carupgrade.ini but thats not needed for first time because it can create it itself with default keys. --If want my retextured garage doors-- With open iv: go to data>maps>props>lev_des>minigame.img and enable edit mode and replace cj_ld_garage_door with downloaded one, and same with et_garage01 in data>maps>jersey>nj_docks. 
New -  all naudio files  in gta iv/eflc directorry not in scripts but in directorry.


 Keys are on .ini file and you can change them yourself as you like. 

 --What's new?-- 

 Other look of menu. Now brakes can be used for any count of vehicles and still brake mod will be on them. Replaced bullet proof tires to full bullet proof. Retextured 2 garage doors with los santos customs logo. Added ini file for all keys. Added function to freeze camera and when it's freezed player cant hit out windows. Added menu sound effects ,you can change them by replacing them but you need to convert your custom sounds to wav, you can convert audio files to it here- Added car wash function. 

 --What this mod does?--

 It creates some places where you can drive and upgrade vehicle like in GTA V Los Santos Customs.


  1. please give me contact detail....!
    You can edit your mod for VIIV los santos map?

    1. Need to say again :
      ant man, i had this idea when ViIV was released but i checked the real los santos customs places .
      What i saw ?
      Well 2 wasnt even visible maybe just not converted together with it and last one next to airport has not been completed good because you can go throught doors and fall in water.

    2. please add me in your friends list skype;uleia.alex98
      and you can ad script v1.1 for actual los santos.pls...

    3. Ok i will add in skype , add it for Viiv? but where should be places to garages? Because the real garages for los santos customs is not visible and 1 at airport not usable.

    4. Will you add me on skype? Want to make some mods with u! my skype is iappleshahh

  2. How hard would it be to change all the text/logos to "Liberty City Customs"?

  3. Hi when i press y to use the garage i have fatal error - invalid resource detected - please reinstall the game. Can u help me? Pls i love this mod!!!